Date Event Location/Society Details
09/04/2019-13/04/2019Yeomen of the GuardDeal

The topsy-turvy tale of two brothers, both Venetian gondoliers, who discover that one of them (they do not know which) is heir to the throne of Barataria. Romantic rivalry, mistaken identity and general confusion ensues in this playful comic operetta, set in Venice.
13/05/2019-18/05/2019RuddigoreWoodhouses, Oldham
21/05/2019-25/05/2019Pirates of PenzanceJersey

Jersey Gilbert and Sullivan Society presents

Pirates of Penzance

One of Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular comic operas, it has entertained audiences down through the ages.
It features the Pirates who have an unusual code of honour, battling it out against the motley force of Police who are ordered to put the Pirates dastardly deeds to an end.
It has a romantic element with the Major GeneralĀ“s daughters discovering love and in true G&S style, everything turns out happily in the end.

12/06/2019-15/06/2019Grand DukeSwaffham Bulbeck