Berenice Stage Costume Hire   Conditions of Hire
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Conditions of Hire

      1. Hire period is from 'Costume drop' to 'close of show'. Usually up to 2 weeks.
      2. Costumes are the responsibility of the hirer during the hire period and must be insured as appropriate.
      3. Costumes must not be washed or dry-cleaned unless authorised by 'Berenice (Stage Costume Hire)'. Any damage incurred during washing, even if authorised, is the responsibility of the hirer.
      4. Costumes must not be altered or augmented without the consent of 'Berenice (Stage Costume Hire)'. Making any non reversable change (with or without consent) to a costume will be deemed as a damaged costume and will be billed at a replacement cost. Any alterations made must be reversed before return or the cost of reversing the change will be billed. In the case of an unauthorisesd change this will be replacement cost.
      5. Where costumes or their accessories  (e.g. hats or wigs) are provided with special containers (boxes or bags) the costumes or accessories must be returned in those containers. If any damage occurs because those containers were not used or the costume or accessory is not returned in the container, the hirer may be charged for replacement of the container and if damage has occurred the cost of replacement of the costume or accessory . Costume bags are provided to hold multiple accessories, these are single-use white plastic bags with the individual or character name displayed on the bag. These do not constitute 'special containers' nor do the clear plastic protection used in transport. Hats which are provided without hat boxes must not be placed in non-rigid containers (e.g. the single-use white bags used for accessories). Hats become damaged or misshapen when placed in non-rigid containers. 
      6. All costumes accessories and properties must be available at the agreed pickup point for return. Items not available at the pickup point should be returned to Berenice Stage Costume Hire with the hirer paying all carriage and insurance charges. 
      7. Lost Costumes will be billed to the Hirer at a replacement cost.
      8. A 10% deposit is required on booking confirmation. This is fully reimbursed if booking is cancelled up to 1 month from proposed start of show. Full payment becomes due prior to delivery.
      9. New costumes commissioned incur an additional non-returnable deposit of 10% of estimated hire. We will consider partial reimbursement, where the cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances, ensuring that Berenice Stage Costume Hire recoups any expenses incurred.
      10. Our fitting, delivery and collection service is our only method of shipment and is assumed on full-show costume hire. Third party carrier delivery is only used at the discretion of Berenice Stage Costume Hire. When not using our fitting and delivery service there will be packaging, administration and insurance costs. These costs plus any delivery costs will be invoiced and all payments paid prior to shipment or collection.
        Return costs and insurance are the responsibility of the hirer.